Organic Clothing

At MJ we understand that sourcing ethically and with environmental consideration, is about more than just using fairly traded organic materials or relying on certifications as a rubber stamp. That’s why we work closely with suppliers who minimise the impact on the environment and actively promote self- sustaining growth in each community.

Reasons for choosing organic ?

1. Better for the environment by avoiding chemical pesticides and fertilizers, that would otherwise pollute the land, water and air

2. Better for plants and animals (many bees and frogs are disappearing because of the widespread use of pesticides)

3. Not genetically modified

4. Uses less water – all of our African cotton is naturally rain-fed, not artificially irrigated

5. Farmers are paid a premium price for organic cotton and are given a purchase guarantee

6. Premiums are paid towards community projects such as building wells for clean drinking water

7. Healthier for the farmers, smallholders and rural communities of Tanzania and Uganda

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